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What's Bettaplay?

BETTA PLAY is your 1-stop solution kids zone builder and consultant. We We can provide product sales and program consulting services. BETTA PLAY believes that with the development of artificial intelligence, the standardization of knowledge has become increasingly easy, the future of children need more creativity and emotional training, so we advocate KIDS NEED PLAY in the process of growing up to enjoy the fun and experience , to cultivate their ability to innovate and EQ. So we want to bring the best amusement products to every child, so that their childhood is full of good memories.

What's Kids' Zone?

BETTA PLAY believes KIDS NEED PLAY ! Kids should have their own playground, playing and exploring on their own. A great kids zone requires children to get a variety of experiences while playing, for example: how to communicate with people, how to share happiness to their little partners, how to teamwork, how to establish the correct values and so on. Wherever they are, in the airport, parks, shopping malls or in the hotel, restaurants, schools, kids should have their own playground whenever they are.


How To Build?

BETTA PLAY can provide you with one-stop recreational space construction services: from space design to product sales to final after-sales support.BETTA PLAY has a very strong and professional team of high efficiency of every step. You can tell us about your space size, product demand or design concept, we will give you the best solution at the soonest. And you can purchase our products directly for your area so as to build a kids play area at the fastest speed for the kids.   

How To Consultant?

BETTA PLAY has more than 12 years of experience in the kids zone amusment equipment industry.We have a one-stop service for more than 300 customers, so we have a lot of children's space solutions. At the same time we are also the owner of a 1000 SQM kids fun and energy kids zone in Wenzhou city (POKIDDO), and we run 10+ high grade international kindergartens in China. Kindergarten and kids zone experience can help us a lot in developing better products and provide better solutions, so that our customers get a more professional service experience. If you have any questions about the construction of children's space, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to serve you.
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Choose Quality, Choose Service, Choose Better Price
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Choose Quality, Choose Service, Choose Better Price
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—————  Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant !
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    Bettaplay --Your Kids' Zone Builder & Consultant ! ----- We provide one stop solutions of children's commercial playgrounds from design, manufacture and install.

  • 2019-06-20

    How to install an EPP playground ? This is a real case to guide you how to install an giant Lego playground. Our customer first asked to design this playground in April 29th. This is his real area size and photo:10*7.5m*3.5m(as following) Design request the similar style as the following , has sup

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